Technical jargon explained

Apply Now We know that banks like to scare people with a lot of technical jargon. We have provided below a list of the most common terms and explained them in ‘real English’. Application fee Some lenders charge a fee for the administration of paper work and administrative time in dealing with a loan [...]

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Your credit score

Apply Now At Buddy Loans, we know how important your credit score is. For most lenders out there, that becomes their primary decision making tool in accepting or rejecting a loan application. Buddy operates differently to other lenders. We look past your credit score in making a credit decision and instead believe that there [...]

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Where does money come from?

Apply Now Have you ever wondered where the money in our economy comes from? A recent Sydney Morning Herald article discusses where money comes from and the role banks play in this. “The majority of money in a modern economy is created when commercial banks lend it to people. Not only are they one [...]

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